PT Maxxtec Teknologi Indonesia – The specialist for efficient heat transfer, heat recovery or power generation with the help of thermal oil plants or thermal oil heaters has been established 2014 to bring innovative european technologies to South East Asia.

Due to the continuous development of our product range, we are able to offer power plants with steam turbines or innovative alternatives to ORC-technology. Our power plants can be operated using solid, liquid or gas fuel (such as; coal, biomass, waste or even a mixture of these fuels).

The aim is to improve the energy efficiency of local productions in order to increase cost efficiency and to help protect the environment.

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Heat Exchangers for Heat Recovery Systems

Dear Reader,

With our last newsletter, we explained how to save a lot of money by using a heat recovery system. Today we would like to give you more detailed information, which types of heat exchangers are commonly used. Depending on the required heat output, media used, temperatures and respective framework conditions, we have developed a few different types of heat exchangers. Read more…

Heat Recovery – or how to afford yourself a new Mercedes every year

Dear Reader,

Who would not like to know how it would be possible to afford a new Mercedes every year, solely through the savings by a heat recovery system?

In other words, you can also call it “reduced production costs”. This increases the cost efficiency of your production and thus increases the competitiveness of your products. In addition, recovering waste heat can also generate significant cost savings, help saving fossil energy and therefore protect the environment for our children.

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PT Maxxtec Teknologi Indonesia

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PT Maxxtec Teknologi Indonesia

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