Maintenance & Verification Of Heat Transfer Systems

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With our service concept we support operators of heat transfer systems in meeting their occupational health and safety obligations. In addition, this special action is to ensure the economic and reliable continuous operation of their investment.

We offer you a system inspection accordance to the standard DIN 4754:

Security check according to DIN 4754 respectively BGR 

Systems with organic media must undergo a safety inspection at least once a year. This vetting to the new DIN 4754 we offer as part of a circular tour to particularly low cost. Of course, including the necessary documentation. Unless available, we also let disposal a boiler book to you, how it is required according to DIN 4754 and explain your operators the correct operating of the boiler book.

Other optional services as part of plant maintenance

a. Mechanical plant maintenance
b. Cleaning of the heating surfaces in boilers, heat exchangers
c. Check for unnecessary burdens of the heat carrier (for example, checking the temperature lock to prevent oxidation in the expansion tank, setting of control valves etc.)
d. Training of operators within the meaning of BGR 500

“We make your system and your operating personnel fit according DIN 4754 respectively BGR 500”.


For risks that cause unnecessary operating costs, Maxxtec offers plants security products to avoid, for example, leaks, unscheduled plant shutdowns, fire hazards, increased top-up quantity or replacement of the heat carrier.


Pump monitoring „pumpmaxx“ for circulation pumps/ heat transfer pumps

Pump monitoring “pumpmaxx” for circulation pumps enables fully automated monitoring of the temperature in the bearing carrier, the leakage of the mechanical seal, the bearing vibration, the engine temperature and the differential pressure of the suction strainer, so that pump damage detected early and service as well as maintenance can be planned.

Media monitoring system „kontamaxx“
Fully automatic condition monitoring of organic media in the operation to protect against contamination, for example, due to leakages in the heat exchanger or incorrect operation. Changes in the media are very precise ± 0,1 % determined and indicated by a traffic light function and plain text display.

Component current filter system „cleanmaxx“
Even for cases where existing heat carrier are already damaged, we have developed a component current filter system which high boilers, coal oil and other contaminants continuously, conveniently and cost-efficient over a large volume filers with reusable sieves discharges. The expensive replacement of disposable cartridges or the frequent cleaning belongs through the special filter and control concept to the past

For continuous discharge of low-boiling components. In particular, under high thermal load of heat transfer fluids a dropping of the flash point or recurrent disorders by the evaporation of low boilers can be reliably avoided with this aggregate.

Advice for miscibility of different liquids and media as well as strategies for cleaning your system
Gladly we will make you an offer for the supply of heat transfer fluids, oil analysis, disposal, oil replacement and system cleaning. Due to our relatively high volume of sales we can offer you all kinds of heat transfer fluids at very attractive terms.  

The DIN 4754 calls at least 1 times per year for a sample taking. Crucial mistakes are made frequently during the sampling, leading to incorrect analysis results or to misinterpretation and can have important economic consequences. To avoid such errors, we have developed a special sampling device which allows the removal of an oil sample using a defined process, unnecessary and unwanted oil losses by draining of dead lines, as without difficulty, non-disruptively, can be retrofitted in plants.

We have made a lot of thought about your system. Are you interested in our services and products, Mr. Marcus Schleicher gladly will be available as your contact person.
We look forward to receive your feedback.
Best regards,

Your Maxxtec Team


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