How To Repair A Leakage In a Pipe Coil In Six Steps.


We have supplied thermal oil heaters to far over 100 countries. That being said we have had the chance to gain experience in repair works of thermal oil systems like no other company.
Leakages happen. Most of the time a leakage in a pipe system is quickly repaired as pipelines are accessible and welding works are manageable.
In the example given, the position of the leakage is in a pipe coil of a thermal oil heater. It is not directly accessible. Reasons could be that the leakage is between pipe coil and shell or between inner and outer coil. This makes a repair tricky. If disassembling the whole unit is not an option, here is how you can still fix it.

Step one: Locate the leakage.

Finding the leakage requires opening up the unit. Often the leakage can be found by visually screening the coils with a bright lamp while pressurising the coil pipes. Important: Check the test pressure indicated on the nameplate and do not exceed that value.  
Repair Leakage in Pipe Coil

Step two: Cut out a window of sufficient size to get access to the leakage.

Pipe Coil Leakage Maxxtec
Cutting Open The Pipe To Find Leakage

Step three: Carry out repair welds at the leakage, if necessary replace a part of the pipe.

Repair Leakage

Step four: Dye penetrant testing or radiographic testing of the repaired sport.

Step five: Close the window again.

Step six: Dye penetrant testing or radiographic testing of the welds on the window.

Close Window In Pipe Coil

Important Note

These kinds of repair works shall always be carried out by experienced welders. A thermal oil heater is classified as a pressure vessel after all. We recommend to contact us through our contact form to assist you further with your repair works. Depending on location and urgency we can send you our experienced service team to carry out the repair works for you!

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