Bypass Filter for thermal oil Maxxtec

Bypass filter for thermal oil “cleanmaxx” to remove solids and sludges from thermal oil systems, thus improving the heat transfer, reducing the power consumption of centrifugal pumps, reducing the wear of pumps, valves and pipes. At all organic heat transfer fluids, which are used for heating or temperature, arise with increasing operating time highly volatile constituent parts and constituent parts that lead to the formation of solid smut particles (oil carbon) and slurries and which enrich further. With the cleanmaxx bypass filter these contaminants and slurries can be continuous, comfortable and inexpensive discharged during plant operation. The core of the system is a differential pressure monitored sieve basket filter, which makes thanks to cleanable and reusable sieves the exchange of disposable cartridges needless. This saves working hours, filter costs and ways compared to conventional solutions. Risks dispensed, such as the settling of the sludge in areas with low flow rates, reducing the heat transfer, higher power consumption of the pumps, wear and damage to the pump impeller respectively control fittings, clogging of the strainer and sudden system shutdown. The system is designed so, that it can be retrofitted to existing thermal oil systems or rented inexpensively.

Cost savings

It is well known that the most technical disturbance in system operation will be caused by dirt. The bypass filter sets directly on this pollution to remove dirt particles (oil carbon) and slurries. Compared to other systems, the bypass filter “cleanmaxx” used reusable and easy to clean sieves, making the expensive replacement of disposable cartridges needless.


  • for anode production (heating of extruders) heating of storage tanks (bitumen)
  • heating of steel molds, drying, pressing for the production of bricks
  • media preheating, use of waste heat for district heating
  • heating heavy crude oil storage tanks, mineral oil processing plant
  • indirect heating of deep fryers with simultaneous combustion of waste steam, baking lines, kettles, spray towers, dryers for production of milk powder, lipolysis, pasteurization
  • heating of ORC modules in biomass plants or industrial waste heat utilization

Advantages of the bypass filter station:

  • clean oil by high filter values
  • low susceptibility to dirt and less wear on hydraulic components such as proportional and servo valves, control pumps and hydraulic cylinders
  • increased flow rate of thermal oil
  • extended life time for oil and components
  • extended service intervals and oil level times
  • extended oil change intervals, up to about 40,000 hours by regular monitoring of the oil
  • saving of labor costs
  • longer use of thermal oil
  • protection of machinery from contamination
  • minimize machinery downtime due to less maintenance and repair work, for reducing the maintenance costs
  • relieving of the main filter and increase of the service life

Process scheme: Cleanmaxx Maxxtec Bypass filter station for thermal oil “cleanmaxx” with and without centrifugal pump and stainless steel tubes available. Previous system: 1.1      shut off valve 1.2      check valve 1.3      strainer 1.4      drain valve 1.5      pump 1.6      manometer Assembled by the customer: 2.1      shut off valve 2.2      flexible tube Bypass filter station: 3.1      motor control valve 3.2      part flow filter 3.3      drain valve 3.4      venting valve 3.5      temperature indication 3.6      control panel


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