We offer a range of electric heaters to produce process heat for your system. Our Maxxtec electric heaters are reliable, safe and efficient.

Maxxtec Electric Heaters
Our products can heat up any kind of liquids. It is a fast and clean possibility to use the surplus electricity production from solar, and wind energy plants. Maxxtec electric heaters qualify for usage in potentially hazardous environments.

Technical Data

Capacities 15 kWth up to 3 MWth
Temperatures Process temperature up to 400 °C, ambient temperature -50 … +60 °C
Heat transfer fluids Any kinds of mineral and organic fluids as well as organic and inorganic steam
Supply voltage Max. 690V
Sizes DN 40 to DN 600  (1″ to 24”)
Pressures Up to 160 bar
Process flange DIN or ANSI standard


Advantages of Maxxtec Electric Heaters:

  • Long service life of apparatus and heat transfer media due to low heating surface load.
  • Low-pressure losses through the streamlined design of heating surfaces and support grids.
  • State of the art computer-aided calculation. This ensures the optimum design of the heating surfaces and flow systems.
  • Reliable compliance with temperature limits on surfaces and heat transfer media.
  • Design and production according to all European regulations and standards.
  • Individual control systems for step- or stepless load control, temperature control, rising and falling gradient, temperature curves.
  • Heating – cooling – freezing solutions, in combination with cooling- and freezing systems.
  • Certified to meet ATEX directives.

A range of Eex e gas group II, increased safety certified duct air heaters.

Maxxtec Electric Heaters

Examples of applications

  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Aluminum Processing Industry
  • Electric Ovens
  • Crude Oil Heating
  • Biomass Dryers
  • Lumber Kilns
  • Chemical Plants
Electric Heaters

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PT Maxxtec Teknologi Indonesia

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