Sample cooler MaxxtecThe high-temperature sample cooler “samplemaxx” allows a simple, safe and representative sampling of thermal oil samples. Unwanted oil losses due to flow quantities by emptying the measuring lines are avoided by the special circulation system. The sampling is done while the system is in hot operation via a sampling device with water cooling. The heat transfer is first circulated through the radiator in order to extract a representative sample from the mainstream can. Subsequently, the sample is cooled below 60 °C, to avoid release of vaporized low-boiling components while the oil sample is discharged. After draining into a suitable sample bottle, a reliable and reproducible analysis can be created. Only thus can a competent assessment of reusability of heat transfer fluids be taken. In many cases, the analysis of heat transfer fluids are adulterated by inadequate or faulty sampling or the use of inappropriate or contaminated  container. The falsified analysis results then in turn lead to incorrect conclusions about the state of the heat transfer fluid and heat transfer system.         Example:

  • Oil samples taken from plant component  in which are no circulation or in which are sludge, coal particle or other particle have been deposited. In this way the analysis can disclose greatly inflated  carbon values. In the reverse case the analyzed oil can also be considerably less charged, because it was not in circulation. Then the analysis would disclose potentially too high flash points.
  • If oil samples are not cooled sufficiently before removal there can readily volatile components evaporate and the analysis shows, for example, a high flash point. This may lead to dangers posed by a low flash point which are not recognized and so for example cause a fire.
  • Hot oil samples may come in contact with atmospheric oxygen whereby oxidation occurs and cause organic acids in the oil. Again the assessment of adulterated oil samples lead to false conclusions.
  • Hot oil samples are taken with inappropriate sampling containers which react, for example, with the sample liquid or contain traces of water or other substances, which also leads to incorrect analysis results.

Advantages of the sample cooler at a glance

  • avoid unnecessary oil changes
  • lower replenishment
  • longer life of the heat carrier oils
  • less downtime because impurities can be detected early and purification can occur early, during the plant operation
  • increase energy efficiency by using less fuel and electricity demand
  • reduced fire risk
  • reduced risk of sedimentation

Technical data:

Connection nominal diameter: 10 mm
Allowable operating pressure: 16 bar
Housing dimensions: 514 x 168,3 mm
Operating temperature: 350 °C
Net weight: 74 kg


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PT Maxxtec Teknologi Indonesia

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