Thermal oil heater Maxxtec

Thermal oil heaters for liquid and gasous fuels in capacities up to 30 MW/unit depending on application and temperatures from -100°C up to 450°C in horizontal or vertical design for heating of industrial processes and procedures.

Technical Data

Capacities/ temperatures Up to 30 MW/unit depending on application and temperatures from -100°C up to 450°C
Heat carriers All mineral and organic heat transfer medias, eutectic mixtures, liquid salts and liquid metals
Fuels Liquid fuels: Heavy oil, middle weight oil, diesel oil and liquid production residues Gaseous fuels: Natural gas, biogas, landfill gas, gas torch and gaseous production residues Mixed combustion of oil and gas: simultaneous and /or optional use of different fuels
Options Insulated radiation part for deodorizing or thermal oxidation of contaminated waste gases. Automatic fire-extinguishing system available in ex-protected design or special materials and in special construction

  Examples for areas of application:

  • Food industry: Indirect heating of deep fryers with simultaneous combustion of exhaust steam baking lines, kettles, spray towers, dryers for production of milk powder, lipolysis, pasteurization
  • Building materials industry: Heating of steel forming, drying, pressing for the production of bricks
  • Chemical industry: Heating of reactors, monitoring and tank heater
  • Iron and steel industry: Media preheating, use of waste heat for district heating
  • Textile industry: Heating of tender frames, dryers, washing machines, ribbons, calenders, coating equipment


PT Maxxtec Teknologi Indonesia

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PT Maxxtec Teknologi Indonesia

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