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Thermal Power Plant Maxxtec

Thermal oil power plants up to 30 MW/units fired with liquid or gaseous fuels

maxxtec heat transfer- and heat recovery systems have always been designed not only with emphasis on cost-effectiveness and plant efficiency but also on environmental and climate protection.

The focus of maxxtec’s research and development has always been that notonly fossil fuels can be used for energy generation but preferably all kinds of liquid and gaseous production residues.

Efficient energy generation plants are highly complex systems which require a high level of expertise for planning and production. With extensive research and development maxxtec has gained a unique standard for planning reliability and commissioning flexibility.


maxxtec thermal oil power plants are used worldwide with great success in the:

–> Textile industry                                              –> Construction industry

–> Steel-, iron- and aluminium industry             –> Equipment supply

–> Synthetic fibre industry                                  –> Gas- and oil industry

–> Coating industry                                            –> Palm oil industry  

–> Chemical industry                                          –> Food industr

–> Wood industry                                               –> Surface treatment


With highly reliable products and continuous innovation maxxtec meets the increasing demands on cost-effectiveness and plant efficiency. Today maxxtec is the leading supplier of heat transfer plants with organic media.

The new thermomaxx thermal oil heater series, small changes – great effect!


In the design of the new thermomaxx heater series some obvious thermodynamic aspects were considered. We simply turned the heater coils in the heater. In this way we achieved a number of amazing results. The in- and outlet connections of the thermomaxx heaters are located at the bottom resp. at the back and thus on the same side as the flue gas connection. Thermal fluid and flame are oriented in the same direction.

Maximum radiation of the flame is at approx. first third part of its length where the thermal fluid is at a lower temperature. In this way the film temperature is reduced and the thermal load on the thermal fluid is considerably lower.

At partial load this effect is even greater because the high radiation section of the flame moves towards even lower thermal fluid temperature. In the third pass the exhaust gases and the heat carrier flow in contrary direction. In this way the temperature difference between exhaust gas and heat carrier can be utilized more efficiently and the exhaust gas temperature at the heater outlet decreases.

Apart from that we reduced the surface temperature and the weight of the burner considerably by using ceramic fibre and still can guarantee the availability of our design for all fuels.


The technical advantages of the thermomaxx thermal oil heater series are:

  • Increase of efficiency up to 1,25 % without additional costs
  • Low film temperature thus a longer lifetime of the heat carrier
  • Favourable position of e.g. in-line pumps
  • Clearly reduced surface temperature of the burner plate by using ceramic fibre materials
  • External drains
  • Standardized PLC-Control which is easy to operate, with failure sequence and integration into a bus system
  • Extensive supply of accessories, such as stack, economizer, pumpmaxx, etc., allows customized adaptation of your plant to your requirements


The use of several various fuels opens unexpected and unutilized energy sources. maxxtec plants can be fuelled with various production residues.

The solution to increasing energy costs: thermomaxx thermal oil heater!


The advantages of thermal oil power plants make them ideal for a wide variety of applications for industrial production processes:


  • Heat transfer fluids fit for each application
  • Not only fossil fuels but also liquid and gaseous production residues can be used as fuel
  • Operating temperatures from -100°C up to +450°C
  • Capacities up to 30 MW/unit


Modern innovative design, excellent workmanship and minimum maintenance requirements are the trade marks of our new thermomaxx heater series.

Innovative technology combined with the high quality standard of maxxtec offers our clients a lot of advantages.


Customer Benefit:

  • High quality
  • High efficiency
  • Tailor-made solutions
  • Operator-friendly controls
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Skid mounting to minimize installation on site


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