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Monitoring system for thermal oil “kontamaxx” for increased safety and lower operating costs in thermal oil systems.

Organic heat transfer media offer the opportunities to transfer extremely high or low temperatures. However, some essential boundary conditions must be observed for a trouble-free and durable operation. It is particularly important to prevent decomposition by oxidation or thermal overload by appropriate technical measures. Also, contamination with foreign substances can affect the properties of organic heat transfer media and lead to unplanned disruptions.
Such anomalies which could be caused by technical faults or operating errors have often considerable economic consequences by increased fuel or electricity consumption, increased refill quantities, failures, unplanned interruptions of the production, damage to equipment or injury to the heat transfer medium. In exceptional cases, by excessive damage to the heat carrier even fire risks can occur.

To avoid these risks the kontamaxx monitoring system for reliable monitoring of the condition of organic heat transfer fluids was developed. The determination of the media properties takes place via a patented acoustic sensor which very accurately determines changes in any organic medium very exactly ± 0.1% by using the speed of sound, the acoustic impedance and acoustic attenuation. If parameters are differing from the normal it displays an alarm by the traffic light.

Depending on the application, the measurement method is individually adapted and is available on customer request, also for highly accurate moisture measurements with additional capacitive sensors.


Advantages of the “kontamaxx” fuel monitoring system for organic media and heat carrier oil:

  • Lower operating costs through lower refill quantities, saving of fuel and Electric Power
  • Prevention of unplanned production downtime and consequential damages
  • Longer service life of the heat transfer oils by early fault detection
  • Increase of the reliability and reduce the fire hazard of thermal oil systems
  • Fully automatic and continuous online monitoring of the heat transfer during operation calibrated for all organic liquids
  • Errors are displayed on a memorable traffic light signal and a graphic display
  • Reliable and accurate evaluation of the measurement values incl. fault storage
  • Simple connection to higher-level controller (option)
  • Sensor is maintenance and wear-free
  • Suitable for large temperature and pressure ranges
  • Individual adaptation to the respective application


Technical Data – Specifications of the fuel monitoring system:

Measurement accuracy: ± 0,1 %
Measured value recording: 1 Measured value per minute
Max. short time operating temperature: up to  200 °C
Operating temperature during the
Measurement process:
60 to 120°C
Max. operation pressure: 11 bar
Ambient temperature around sensor: +0°C bis +80°C
Ambient temperature of the transmitter: +0°C bis +50°C
Climatic category acc. to DIN 40040: 10 to 95% relative humidity, not condensing
Sensor material: Stainless steel, V4A
Electrical connection: 230V 50Hz


Areas of application:

  • ORC power plants for early detection of silicone oil contamination
  • Food industry for the early detection of smallest quantities of contamination, for example in frying oil of food productions
  • Chemical industry for the early detection of contamination or changes in organic media
  • Refineries for monitoring of the medium quality
  • All kinds of heat transfer plants with organic media for the early detection of changes in the heat transfer medium and detection of contamination


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