Changes in the legal framework, the operational experience gained and the suggestions of our customers secure, that our plants are continuously developed.

To make our plants more and more efficient and reliable, our existing systems are improved and newly developed all the time.

When developing new equipmen, we always pay attention to the possibility of retrofitting our existing systems.

This way, we ensure your plant can always be updated to the latest state of the technology. Efficiency and value retention of your plant is permanently guaranteed.

PT Maxxtec Teknologi Indonesia - Plant Monitoring and Modernization
  • Retrofitting with newest developed systems for improved efficiency and reliability
  • Redesign and modernization of the equipment of all brands

PT Maxxtec Teknologi Indonesia regurlarly organizes customer seminars, which informs the client about the latest technical developments, changes in the relevant standards and regulations, maintenance of plants, as well as plant design and operational information. Learn about upgrading thermal oil systems from our team.


To contact our service department you can call from Monday to Friday, from 8AM to 6PM under Tel. +62-812-82506215 or click the button below.

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PT Maxxtec Teknologi Indonesia

ITC Permata Hijau, Lantai 3 C11 No. 16,
Jl. Arteri Permata Hijau, Kebayoran Lama,
12210 Jakarta Selatan

Telephone: +62-21-53670749

Service: +62-812-82506215

Email: teknologi@maxxtec.co.id

PT Maxxtec Teknologi Indonesia

Join 2K+ subscribers and receive exclusive tools, tips, and resources: